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Galvanic Corrosion, Salt water, Corrosive spray water, Vibration, Thermal expansion, Thermal shocks and misplaced bellows or improper damping are 85% of the causes of our repairs. We like to repair and advise how you can take away the cause, so the problems won’t return.


Your enginering department designed a modification. We will challenge your design. We will discuss the proposed modifications with our welders & Fitters. These are the practitioners. With years of experience in the workplace. Often their suggestions do save on production cost and installation time.


Working on board of ships needs a special mindset. We carefully source welders and fitters with the right mentality. Their ability to get the job done, safe and on time is of utmost importance.  We are problem solving and work as efficient as possible. We like to work like partners, we take care of your welding repair problems like if we are part of your company.