We care for your Scrubbers

Excessive vibrations may be a likely source of the reoccurring problems in Scrubber units. In such cases, measures can be taken to reduce the dynamic response of the Scrubber body. The source of the vibrations maybe the exhaust water/airflow, wrong material selection & design or an inbalanced ventilator located nearby. The repair is our main focus and it makes us happy if we can contribute in solving the issue permantly.



Welding Services and Repairs on Super Duplex, Alloy 31, Alloy 59, SMO254, Titanium

We know Scrubbers

Our welders and fitters did work on Scrubbers of various brands. I (Ticco) have worked on ao. Wartisla, Valmet, Value Maritime, Clean marine, Ecospray, Pacific Green and Yara Scrubbers

Highest quality

Ticco is working according to the code for Welding procedure:ISO 15614-1, level 2. We inspect during welding and upon completion, performed by qualified our experience engineers.

Full service

We will do our utmost to get the job done and are standby 24/7. We travel anywhere. We can keep contact with Chief Engineers, Ship Owners, Ship Agents, Port authorities and can take care of Hot Work permits. We can also arrange Launch services to Anchorspots.


We do serve the following harbors regulary: Rotterdam, Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Le Havre, Algeciras, Barcelona, Fos sur Mer, Genua, Malta, Gioia Tauro, Singapore, Miami, Houston, Baltimore & Sept Iles. We Pre-travel to destinations to make quarters. Prepare for warehousing, arrange proper materials & welding gas, housing and permits.


Galvanic Corrosion, Salt water, Corrosive spray water, Vibration, Thermal expansion, Thermal shocks and misplaced bellows or improper damping are 85% of the causes of our repairs. We like to repair and advise how you can take away the cause, so the problems won’t return.


Your enginering department designed a modification. We will challenge your design. We will discuss the proposed modifications with our welders & Fitters. These are the practitioners. With years of experience in the workplace. Often their suggestions do save on production cost and installation time.


Working on board of ships needs a special mindset. We carefully source welders and fitters with the right mentality. Their ability to get the job done, safe and on time is of utmost importance.  We are problem solving and work as efficient as possible. We like to work like partners, we take care of your welding repair problems like if we are part of your company.

Why Ticco?

We are easy to contact, we know Scrubbers, we are flexible and delivery Value for Money. We are cooperative, inventive and you are doing business with people that love their Job. We simply like to travel, work hard, troubleshoot & solve problems, delivery quality and have satisfied customers. We like, and are proud, of what we are doing.



Responding quickly to critical situations with a high a quality repair will give us a unique position with decision makers who focus on the value of uninterrupted operation. We are independent. Our customers are KING. We like to keep them happy!


Past experience in well over 100  scrubber repairs. We know most European Harbors. We work On-, and Offshore. We know most shipping companies and their agencies. We are familiar with most terminal regulations and do have the entry/safety passes that are needed.


All our engineers are educated to work in confined spaces. We do wear our Personal Safety Equipment. They are certified for Safe working on heights and are trained to detect dangerous gas levels. We do not work without a  manhole watch.


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